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‘Evershine growing at a decent rate of 25% annually’

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Evershine Digitek Pvt Ltd is provider of laser toner powder, photocopier toner, inkjet inks, OPC toner drums, laser toner cartridges and all printer parts and accessories, paper products, copier paper, steel items, etc. They sell all the consumables including compatibles under their own brand name Evershine. Pankaj Nebhwani, MD of Evershine, shares his views, plans and strategies for Evershine.



They import mostly from China and some from Taiwan. Pankaj shares, “We have been in the printer consumables since 2003. Quality products, reliable services and timely delivery are our main selling points. Our prices are competitive. We are growing at a decent rate of 25% annually.”With a total staff of around 15, Evershine has 3 retail, refilling and service centers, 1 in Delhi, 1 in Agra and 1 in Ajmer.

All their branches handle sales, refilling and servicing. They have over 30 regular partners. Pankaj details, “We maintain high quality so our products are priced higher than the market prices. Now we import only select products and sell to a limited number of select clients who are our regular customers. Most our sales come from Delhi and some from Rajasthan. We are also authorized dealers for Epson and Brother Printer cartridges.

We promote mainly through our dealers, via our website and through advertising in magazines.”Regarding challenges, “Compatibles are selling well, but due to competition, margins are coming down. Recycling industry is almost gone. Low quality goods from China are corrupting the market. The ongoing recession also has slowed down the industry in general, but we hope the new government will do something to change the situation for better.”

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