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Formax Introduces Two Cut-True Guillotine Paper Cutters

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Formax introduces the Cut-True 31A and 31H Guillotine paper cutters, rugged, heavy-dutylarge-format cutters which offer true two-shift capabilities.

The Cut-True 31A Electric and 31H Hydraulic Cutters accurately cut paper stacks up to 4” high and up to 28” wide. User-friendly features include a 7” color touchscreen control panel, automatically-adjusting back gauge, an internal light to illuminate the cutting area, the ability to program up to 100 jobs/100 cuts, an LED cutting line which shows exactly where the blade will cut, and a high-speed hardened steel blade for crisp, accurate cuts, every time.

Cutting accuracy is 0.1mm on maximum paper stacks. A false clamp is included with both models to minimize the risk of marking sensitive paper stock. The clamp can be removed to decrease the minimum cut length to 1.18”, and is easily stored within the machine when not in use.

The Cut-True 31A Electric Cutter uses an electric drive to operate the paper clamp and blade carrier. The Cut-True 31H Hydraulic Cutter uses hydraulic pressure to engage the blade and paper clamp. The clamp is adjustable to give the best possible pressure to properly hold different paper weights and stack heights. Each model features a foot pedal pre-clamp to check the paper position before cutting.

To assist operators in maneuvering larger paper stock, both cutters include large side tables. The Cut-True 31H table also features an anti-friction ball deck with air-assist.

Standard safety features include an infrared light beam safety curtain which stops operation if the light plane is interrupted, a lock with key, two-button operation, blade lock, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment.

The Cut-True 31A and 31H are ideal for transforming large sheets into brochures, invitations and more, with crisp, accurate cuts and are welcome additions to print shops and in-plant finishing operations.

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