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Fuji Xerox Launches A4 Color/Monochrome Printer Lineup for APAC

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific  Pte Ltd announced the successive Asia-Pacific regional launch of the all-new Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP505 d and CP555 d A4 color printers, and DocuPrint P505 d A4 monochrome printer, to help SMBs which require economical yet high-quality, large-volume printing. The new models offer improved productivity for small-and medium-sized businesses through faster printing speeds, higher output resolution and enhanced connectivity that enables both networked and mobile printing.

Modern enterprises consistently face multiple challenges in project management, with the top three being: tight delivery schedules, quality issues and high costs. Project stakeholders are thus required to ensure maximum productivity at every level, in order to achieve desired results without compromising on quality. Designed for easy-to-use experience and personalization, DocuPrint CP505 d, CP555 d and DocuPrint P505 d cater to all these needs.

DocuPrint CP505 d and CP555 d deliver high volume print jobs using fast simplex and duplex speeds, capable of offering high simplex speeds of up to 43/43 pages per minute (ppm) (black/color) and 52/52 ppm (black/color) respectively for A4 printing. The DocuPrint P505 d on the other hand, produces documents at simplex speeds of up to 63 ppm – making it suitable for printing large volumes of monochrome documents, quickly. These DocuPrint models incorporate the newly-developed three roller paper feed system, or ‘tri-roll’ system, which increases duplex print speed by up to 88 percent from simplex print speeds. This is achieved by feeding an extra sheet of paper into the printer whilst the first two sheets cross over the tri-roll system. This advancement in operations enables customers to improve productivity and reduce production costs at the same time.

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