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Fuji Xerox Releases Lightweight Full-Color, High-Speed Inkjet Printer

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Targeting the data and commercial printing markets, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch 1400 Inkjet Color Continuous Feed Printing System that prints at 100 meters per minute in full-color, duplex (equivalent to 1,312 pages of double-sided, 2-up A4 document). The installations of new system will start on in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region on September 13.

The new system employs an inkjet printing system, which enables high-speed printing. Among printers with the equivalent output speed of 100 meters per minute, the width of 1400 Inkjet Color Continuous Feed Printing System is the world smallest, and its body is lightweight by employing robust but light aluminum frame, enabling installation of the device on above-ground floor levels.Its output quality and data print reliability, which are essential for variable data printing, are equivalent to those of currently available higher model, offering efficient cost performance.

Smaller footprint realizing the world’s smallest width (in its class) of 8,200 millimeters by adopting a mid-infrared heater. Enables the device to be installed on above-ground floor levels by employing the light and robust aluminum frame, and distributing the weight load of the two inkjet units to the floor (less than 500 kilograms per square meter). The newly-developed controller— a high-speed raster image processor (RIP) accelerator— boosts the data conversion performance for variable printing to ensure the output speed of the printer engine.

High resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch and a stability mechanism for paper path the same as those in business form offset presses—allow clear characters and numbers, beautifully reproduced photographs, and sharp 2-dimention barcodes. The easy-to-operate touch panel enables users to intuitively understand the status of the printer, job queues and RIP progresses, maximizing the operation efficiency.

In industries including banking and finance, life insurance, securities and telecom, which need to issue documents such as account statements and invoices to individual customers, there is a growing need for high-volume printing in short lead time as well as for variable printing that personalizes each customer’s document, which would encourage consumers to make a purchase decision or boost response rates. By introducing this new color production printing system, Fuji Xerox has further reinforced its lineup coverage in the high-speed printing market to contribute to customers’ business expansion, while providing added value to print material users.

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