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Gayathri Machineries’ first Piccolo 101-11 eyeletting machines

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Chennai-based Gayathri Machineries is closing in on their first installation of Piccolo 101-11 eyeletting machines from Hang Maschinen-Production of Germany.”Any printer producing tags/ danglers would find an eye-letting machine very useful and it would drastically reduce delivery turnaround time for such jobs,” said Uday Grover of Gayathri Machineries, the distributors for Hang products in India.

Apart from the Piccolo eyeletting machine, Hang also manufactures a range of unique machines for paper drilling, rivetting and eyeletting.“The metallurgy used by Hang in manufacturing the machines ensures longevity and precision during operation for many more years than any of the competing products,” explained Grover.“The range of models for the eyeletting machine itself varies from a manual operated machine with a minimum output of 500 eyelets to 10,000 per day.

There is also an automated model which can produce a million eyelets a day,” he added. The eyelet machine has critical application in automobile, garment, airline tags, POP dagglers and shoe manufacturing industry.Gayathri machineries also recently launched an unique ‘4 in 1’ machine which does single-color printing (can be upgraded to two colors), collating (up to four sheets), numbering and bar-coding (both horizontally and vertically) and perforating (horizontal and vertical along with skip perforation) and aim to replace the baby offsets which print invoice books, courier challan, lorry receipt books, delivery challan, and gift/ lottery coupons among others.

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