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G&G Launches New Laser Printer for Small Offices

by Imaging Solution Bureau

To meet the demands from small and home office users under the hybrid working environments, G&G released a new black-and-white, multifunctional laser printer. According to G&G, the new release, namely L2550DW, comes with a compact design that is light enough to move around or relocate as needed without taking up a huge amount of users’ precious space. Moreover, the L2550DW is said to be easy and convenient to use. The new printer is ideal for those users who seek a quiet and undisturbed working environment. It boasts a silent mode, and the operation noise can be as low as 48 dBA, which is less than a household refrigerator (55 dBA). Designed with sustainability in mind, this model uses brand new low voltage charge technology to replace traditional high voltage static electricity mode, effectively reducing energy consumption and ozone and improving the indoor air quality.

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