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Hem Enterprise Foresees a Revival in the Toner Cartridge Refilling Trade by Early 2022

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Rajkot (Gujarat) based Hem Enterprise was launched to provide cartridge recycling & refilling services in 1995 and in 2020, the company has celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Currently, Hem Enterprise is a reputed refiller and remanufacturer in the Saurashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat. Providing quality services, helping customers save money and trustworthy dealings are the main selling points of Hem Enterprise. Hem Enterprise also provides cartridge and printer machine repairing services.

Mr. Sailu Mehta, Proprietor, Hem Enterprise, comments, “Most of our customers, nearly 3000, are located in and around Rajkot (and within its 150 km radius). Our customers are corporates, banks, offices, factories, etc. Our focus is mainly on refilling ink and laser cartridges. We also sell a limited amount of toners without brand if some customer needs. We mostly refill monochrome laser cartridges (of all the leading printer brands like HP, Canon, Lexmark, etc, and do very little refilling of color cartridges. We do remanufacture laser toners cartridges to a limited extent only with OEM shells. Our USP is we take utmost care while refilling cartridges and maintain a high degree of consistency, both in our service quality and product (toners) quality, so customers come back to us for repeated services. Earlier, due to the abundant availability of compatible cartridges, the refilling business started shrinking. After March 2020, due to lockdowns, our services were limited to mostly newspapers & other media houses, and some government offices. But starting from early 2021, compatible toner cartridges became costly due to several reasons, including increasing the freight charges on imported cartridges from China, decreasing rupee value against the US dollar, delays in import shipments, etc. And as a result, users again started looking towards refilling as a low-cost alternative and the refilling business that was going down has revived again. We hope by early 2022, refilling business will be back to the encouraging levels.”

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