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Horizon Provides OEM-Standard Pickup Rubbers & Separators for Copiers, Printers and Document Scanners

by Imaging Solution Bureau
Rakesh Ranjan, Proprietor, Horizon

Horizon India is a New Delhi-based manufacturer and provider of superior quality scanner, copier, and printer machine spares for a wide range of brands and their models, for both black and color machines, under their brand name Horizon. Led by Mr. Rakesh Ranjan, Proprietor, Horizon has been providing world-class copier and printer spares since 2009. Horizon’s pickup rubbers and separators come with quality, durability and operational life comparable to the OEM products.

Mr. Rakesh Ranjan reveals, “We closely monitor the quality and reliability of our products at different stages of manufacturing to provide products that work up to the promised life-time and give the claimed output. Our current focus is on our pickup rubbers and separators, which have quality of international standards. Many people in the market sell Chinese made products which look perfect on their face, but last only for a short time. Horizon’s products, on the other hand, work until the promised time and beyond and deliver what we promise in the specs. We also give 1-year warranty on these products. Our pickup rubber and separators can be used for printers, copiers and document scanners of the leading brands like HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, Kodak and Fujitsu.”

Horizon has their manufacturing plant in Noida (UP), located at about 30 km from their office in New Delhi office, equipped with the latest technology, machines and testing systems. Horizon uses only high-quality raw materials, accurate dies and specs to develop spares that have impeccable quality. Horizon’s product portfolio also includes Motor Drive Gears, Toner Drive Gears, Main Gears (Black), Main Motor Pulleys, Fuser Drive Gears, Clutch Drive Gears, Main Gears (White), Feeder Drive Gears, Clutch Gears, Lower Roller Gears, etc.

Mr. Rakesh Ranjan adds, “We have a very good reputation in the market as a provider of printer, copier and scanner spares for a wide variety of models of all the reputed brands. Nowadays, getting good quality compatible spares has become a big problem to the customers, as most compatible spares providers offer only substandard spares which do not work properly, wear out in a short time and negatively affect the machine performance and output; these are the common regular complaints from the customers across India who use compatible spares. There are many companies in India which offer copier, printer and scanner spares in the market, but their products usually lack quality in operation and their life-span is short—far below what they promise while selling. At Horizon, our policy is to provide OEM-quality scanner, copier and printer spares with uncompromising quality at affordable prices. Competition is not a problem for us due to our reputation in the market. Our main focus is on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction; and not on making quick money.We have customers spread pan-India. In the coming years, we want to promote our brand and products more aggressively, expand into new regions when we are still not strong and establish Horizon as a premium brand for scanner, copier and printer machine spares.”

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