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ILG’s Fusion Plus Technology System Improves HP’s Printers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

ILG (International Laser Group) has added new and improved Fusion Plus technology to the CE390A Jumbo in ILG’s high speed OEM compatible line. The HP LaserJet Series of high-speed printers are designed to print specialty media such as coated stock, envelopes and labels.

ILG Research and Development Team recognized that some of these special media creates a challenge to most aftermarket cartridges and fall short of user’s print quality expectations. ILG introduced the Fusion Plus innovative technology system in early 2012. It is available in full complete line including the CC364A, CC364AJ, CC364X, CC364XX as well as CE390A, the new CE390AJ, CE390X, and CE390XX OEM compatible cartridges. The application of this system enhances the print quality and virtually eliminates any potential toner adhesion problems with coated papers.

This system eliminates smudging often seen on coated paper printing. ILG’s R&D and engineering teams have taken a proactive measure to prevent any possible quality issues such as missing characters and smudging of solids and bar codes. ILG worked with selected component suppliers to co-develop a comprehensive proprietary solution to these fusing issues that truly match OEM print performance. ILG’s Fusion Plus technology provides excellent print quality on specialty media such as labels, envelopes, glossy surface stock and coated papers.

The technology eliminates character, graphics and bar code voids, uneven coverage and smudging, and it extends printer fuser life and significantly reduces necessary cleaning of printers, reducing end-user printer maintenance costs. This innovative development has again proven ILG’s commitment to advanced technology, true OEM compatible cartridge performance and first-to-market leadership in the imaging supplies industry. ILG applies several state-of-the art manufacturing technologies to its OEM compatible cartridges, including the Vibrant Color system to ILG’s comprehensive color product line.

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