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Ink More Printer Solution Opens 3rd Refilling Center in Surat

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Founded in 2005 and led by its Proprietor, Ajay Devilkar, Ink More Printer Solution is a Surat (Gujarat) based provider of ink and toner cartridge refilling services. Ink More Solutions has three refilling stations in Surat, the last and third refilling center has been opened recently. The company is looking for further expansion of their refilling business in Surat-region in the coming years.

Ajay Devilkar shares, “Per month we approximately refill 2000 cartridges of which 1200 are laser toner cartridges and 800 ink cartridges. We are growing overall at annual rate of 20%. On color refilling side, we refill more ink cartridges and a few laser toner cartridges. After the implementation of GST, our business has increased substantially, as taking printouts has increased a lot after GST implementation. Our main selling point is we do quality refilling at affordable prices and we aim at customer satisfaction, maintain friendly relations and good reputation in the market. We never use cheap, low-quality raw materials. Once a customer comes to us for refilling, they will again come to us and also recommend our services to new customers. In the coming years, we want to open more refilling centers and cover most areas in the Surat city.”

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