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Inkjet Productivity, Greener LED Imaging and Workflow Innovations All in One Place at EFI’s ISA Exhibit

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The EFI exhibit in booth 650 at this year’s ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas provides a full portfolio of products for signage and graphics professionals to capitalize on some of the industry’s best growth opportunities. The exhibit highlights innovation, high productivity, quality and reliability available with production-class low-, middle- and high-volume UV and LED inkjet printers, combined with a full range of industry-leading, integrated workflow products.

EFI’s offerings – from a new web-to-print technology and a significantly faster image processing workflow, to 7-picoliter grayscale printhead technology for near-photographic imaging, to the world’s top technology for energy-efficient “cool cure” LED imaging at full production speeds – open doors to new revenue streams and greater profit opportunities.LED technology is a key feature in EFI’s exhibit at the expo. With more than 500 LED inkjet printers installed at locations worldwide, EFI is leading the charge in the significant advantages of higher-quality, versatile imaging on broader range of substrates – with virtually no VOC emissions and significantly reduced energy usage.

EFI customers are gaining a competitive advantage from their ability to print on thin, inexpensive films, corrugated board and other materials that cannot withstand the heat associated with other drying or curing methods.One LED inkjet technology user, the Sir Speedy printing franchise in Raleigh, N.C., expanded the range of products it sells to new and existing clients with a 65-inch EFI H1625 LEDhybrid roll/flatbed printer. The printer’s flatbed capabilities have eliminated a good amount of outsourcing the business once did, opening the door to more-profitable selling opportunities on jobs printed on brushed metal and other specialty substrates.

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