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John Marshall Joins Nand ipl as Principal Advisor

by Imaging Solution Bureau

NAND ipl announced that John Marshall has recently joined the chemical color toner manufacturer as Principal Advisor –Chemical Color Toner. John Marshall has vast experience and a special expertise in designing and developing toners that fully meet customers’ expectations. For a major part of his long career of over 30 years in the toner and imaging industry with leading players, he was responsible for ensuring the quality standards and providing technical support to customers across the western hemisphere .

At NAND ipl John will be responsible for Product Development, Quality Assurance and Customer Support for Business Development. With John’s help, NAND ipl will be able to launch BESTONE toner products for the latest printer and copier/MFDs that OEMs launch with increasing frequency. John Marshall worked last as General Manager in Static Control Components Europe and was in -charge of its technical operations. He previously worked for Coates Toners in UK. John Marshall has helped NAND ipl launch the new 2nd generation of BESTONE chemical color toners. The new generation of toner is more versatile being compatible with various aftermarket components. Print tests by customers have shown that the same excellent print quality is maintained over the full cartridge life cycle with a very wide range of imaging components with every batch of product consistently.

John Marshall, after spending time in NAND ipl’s UNA Factory in India said “I was extremely pleased to find that NAND ipl already had very well designed toner particles for each toner type, all of which were nearly identical to the OEM toners in key parameters. This made my new job easier and I’m pleased to say that these new generation BESTONE chemical color toners should fully meet the expectations of even the largest remanufacturers of color toner cartridges who have demanding qualification standards, regardless of their build specification.” According to Dr. Abhinava Kumar Srivastava, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of NAND ipl, “We had been asked many times by lots of large customers across the world to produce a chemically produced color toner that can deal with wide variety of aftermarket cartridge components available in the market.

With John’s valuable inputs we took the challenge and developed the new products to address this industry wide need. We leveraged the latest advances in nanotechnology to achieve the breakthrough.” Sanjeev Mahajan, NAND’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said “We are excited about the new range of toner products and are keen on helping more customers to take the advantage of the new opportunity for extra profits by quickly switching to BESTONE toners which will give excellent results with their existing bill of materials. Samples are now available upon request. All products have been designed to consistently give similar performance to their respective OEM chemical toners.

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