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Konica Minolta Launched 2 WEBJet Continuous-Feed Inkjet Presses

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA (Konica Minolta) announced two continuous feed inkjet presses, the WEBJet 200D and WEBJet 100D continuous feed inkjet presses.

These machines are not manufactured by Konica Minolta, but by SuperWeb – and they are fitted not with Konica Minolta inkjet printheads – such as those that enable Konica’s own continuous-feed and packaging ranges – but with ones made by MemJet who also provide printheads to Canon.

With lower acquisition and running costs, the WEBjet 200D and 100D presses with standard roll-stand and stacking configurations offer midsize printers a way to expand into new business sectors, to reduce operating costs and to improve profitability. WEBJet presses deliver extremely high resolution, high speed and high productivity to the transaction, direct mail, publishing and in-plant business sectors. The WEBJet line will complement Konica Minolta’s existing cut sheet toner and inkjet products, and provide customers with a proven technology that has best-in-class features in a relatively compact design. Complete with roll stand and stacker, the WEBjet is a front-to-end solution for growing businesses.

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