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Lexmark Announces MFP Kiosks for Government

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Lexmark International Inc. announced Lexmark MFP Kiosk for Government, a solution that utilizes award-winning Lexmark Smart multi-function products (MFPs) as self-service platform devices that enable agencies to better serve visiting constituents with increased efficiency, security and compliance.

“The slow, manual processes associated with constituent paperwork, applications and documentation are a significant roadblock as government agencies struggle with budget pressures, limited resources and higher constituent expectations,” said Marty DeGraff, director, Lexmark Government Solutions.

“The Lexmark MFP Kiosk solution leverages the power of the Lexmark Smart MFP so agencies can better serve constituents, even with fewer resources, improving the experience for agency employees and constituents alike. Agency staff is freed from the time spent on document classification and data verification, allowing them to serve constituents more efficiently. Constituents are able to jump-start the process the moment they arrive, reducing wait times.”

Lexmark MFP Kiosks are easy to implement and use. The intuitive interface guides constituents through the process of submitting and receiving relevant information through intuitive prompts and simple icons on the MFP touch screen, so they can check in, manage their account, and receive directions and information to help streamline the experience.

The MFP Kiosk also serves a forms repository for printing documents on demand. Constituents can access any agency form, application or other document, in any language offered, right from the kiosk.

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