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Maker Creations Launches Highly Effective Surface-Cleaner – UNOCLEAN

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Maker Creations Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi-based provider of imaging consumables (under their brand name UNO Print), has launched UNOCLEAN, a skin-friendly cleaner. UNOCLEAN is eco-friendly, anti-microbial, biodegradable, fungicidal and hypo-allergic. It is a natural product with no side effects to humans. UNOCLEAN is a unique all-purpose cleaner to clean all different surfaces such as the floor and bathroom tiles, walls, wooden surfaces, faucets, taps, commodes, geysers, showers, washbasins, glass, office, etc; and household devices such as printers, tables, chairs, fans, ACs, lights, wall-mount urinal pots, refrigerators, almirahs, racks, etc. UNOCLEAN does not pollute the water and is an ideal cleaner highly useful to clean surfaces in homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and vehicles.

Mr. Mukesh Jindal, Founder, and Director of Maker Creations, comments, “We recently launched UNOCLEAN surface cleaner and it is getting a very good response from the users. UNOCLEAN is an ideal product to keep the surfaces clean not only during the pandemic but also in normal times to enjoy a clean and pleasant environment in offices or homes. It is biodegradable so it does not pollute the surroundings. We always provide the best quality products at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our motto.”

UNO Print also offers a wide range of black and color laser printer cartridges of superior quality. UNO Print products offer customers a better color experience through our superior quality color cartridges at affordable prices.

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