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Mary Ouyang Appointed VP of Dinglong

by Imaging Solution Bureau

China-based Dinglong Group has made a key position adjustment at its subsidiary, Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging. Based on the personal wishes of Ms Mary Ouyang and in order to meet Dinglong’s operational management and strategic development needs, the following top management adjustments have been made:

Ouyang, the founding CEO of Mito, has been appointed as VP of the Dinglong Group, in charge of corporate culture initiatives and brand promotion for the print consumables sector. Ouyang will no longer serve as Chairman and General Manager at Mito.

Mr Shuangquan Zhu, CEO of the Dinglong Group, will lead the existing top management team of Mito. All key members of the operation team (production, R&D, quality control, sales, and marketing) will remain unchanged.

Under the leadership of CEO Mr Zhu, Mito will take full advantage of the integrated synergy within the Dinglong Group supply chain including toner, chips, rollers as well as toner cartridges. Such a synergy will enable Mito to provide better quality assurance system, more risk-free IP solutions, and more effective cost-down efforts. And the most important of all, Mito will pass on the benefit generated from the synergy to our valued customers and strategic partners.

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