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Metrofuser Launches PrintCycle to Assist Corporate, Gov, Enterprise IT E-Waste Programs

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Metrofuser, a US-based technology solutions company, launches its PrintCylce program geared toward developing Enterprise recycling partnerships nationwide. Metrofuser proactively collects and purchases defective HP and Lexmark laser printers and their parts. These assets are then fed into a comprehensive remanufacturing program where they are rebuilt to a “like-new” state and remarketed on whole or as parts. Afterwards they will go back into the production stream as whole units or sub assemblies.

HP printers which are otherwise destined for landfills are acquired by Metrofuser and carefully remanufactured so that they can be reintroduced into the office IT ecosystem. These components can be reused and reintroduced into the ecosystem up to a half-dozen times. The residual effect of that alone significantly reduces the amount of electronic office equipment waste filling our landfills daily. Remanufacturing Through Reuse (RTR): Metrofuser’s R2 ready support program offers a method of recycling that has an equally positive impact on the environment. Diverting E-waste to an RTR program like PrintCycle is a force multiplier in recycling programs. Not only does remanufacturing prevent IT assets from going to landfills, it also reduces the demand for new ones. Companies can take comfort knowing that Metrofuser will reuse unwanted Fax Machines, Office Printers or Copiers safely. PrintCycle provides options for remarketing printers for companies that have restrictions as well as data destruction.

Eliminate Processing Fees and Earn Incremental Revenue: Generally E-Waste processor companies charge $0.11-0.40 per pound fee to remove printer assets. For example, at $0.25 per pound it could cost an organization recycling 5000 pounds of printers $1250.00 to process the assets through an R2 Facility. PrintCycle has no fees.

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