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Metrofuser’s Thermo/Seal Technology Improves Reliability of Fusers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Metrofuser announced a materials advancement called Thermo/Seal. Today’s business class laser printers commonly operate between 40 to 60 pages per minute with duty cycles up to 250,000 pages per month. Between the heat, friction and pressure these devices and their fusers are pushed to their limits. Too many are failing prematurely. Metrofuser has worked with numerous manufacturers in the development of Thermo/Seal. The introduction promises to reduce the occurrences of 50.x errors, the most common failure found on fusers. Reducing these errors will mean fewer warranties and service company call backs. “Despite being six times more expensive than traditional silicon products, we are leveraging Thermo/Seal as an investment,” said Will DeMuth, chief operating officer. “Thermo/Seal is a proprietary product and will be utilized across all Metrofuser fusing products; however, it will not be available for resale.”

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