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New Fuji Xerox ColorQube 8900 showcases ‘Solid Ink’ technology

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Fuji Xerox Printers has launched the ColorQube 8900 which utilises innovative Fuji Xerox Solid Ink color technology to reduce print-related waste by up to 90 per cent.  The ColorQube 8900 also delivers unbeatable ease of use, exceptional color print quality and is one of the most economical printers to run in terms of both cost-per-page color prints and ongoing operating costs.

The A4 multifunction ColorQube 8900 is cartridge free, instead using Solid Ink sticks that melt when printing. With no cartridges to dispose of and less packaging to add to landfill, the ColorQube 8900 produces less waste than comparable color multifunction devices. David Borg, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers Australia & New Zealand said, “Solid ink is a truly innovative technology and is considered the most environmentally friendly printing solution available. The ColorQube 8900 is the first desktop solid ink device completely engineered to deliver true multifunction performance.

It provides real cost savings as well as exceptional print quality to high performing groups. “The vibrant, durable color that can be achieved using the Solid Ink technology improves the appeal of color documents and is ideal for businesses looking to achieve eye catching and memorable documents. Users can enjoy significant savings through Fuji Xerox price plans which charge based on the amount of color used on the page.”The ColorQube 8900 features Pantone calibrated solid-color simulations and Fuji Xerox color correction technology to ensure accurate color matching.

The 2400 FinePoint print resolution ensures color documents show incredible detail and halftones. The ‘Color by Words’ feature offers intuitive color enhancement, enabling users to fine tune color output by selecting from a unique menu of words such as ‘red apple’, ‘blue sky’ or ‘green grass’. The ColorQube 8900 uses Solid Ink technology which enables users to print high quality documents with saturated color, even on inexpensive office or recycled paper. Without the excessive packaging of toner cartridges, Solid Ink helps businesses reduce their environmental impact through creating up to 90 per cent less waste versus comparable laser devices.

Solid ink has been certified by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) to have 30 per cent bio-derived renewable material content. The Solid Ink stick color is very easy to refill, with uniquely shaped sticks to fit the correct slot for simple drop-in loading. Solid Ink can be topped up at any time, even when the device is running. The only other replaceable component is the long life Cleaning Unit, which has an average life of 30,000 prints.

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