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New Rajasthan Cartridge Remanufacturers Association (RCRA) to be Launched Soon

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Remanufacturers and refillers in Rajasthan are about to launch a new trade association titled Rajasthan Cartridge Remanufacturers Association (RCRA) in April 2018. The details of office-bearers will be announced in the coming months.

One of the leading members of the would-be RCRA, Mr Dayashankar Sharma commented, “The main objectives of RCRA will be to protect the interests of remanufacturers and refillers in Rajasthan; to discourage the low-quality, low-priced Chinese cartridges which are spoiling the market & harming the real interests of the users; to encourage the usage of OEM and high-quality reusable compatible cartridges by the users; and to protect the environment through remanufacturing, recycling and refilling toner and ink cartridges. Today, there are many cheap and spurious cartridges from China that are being dumped into the Indian market which cost only Rs 150 to 200, but these have to be thrown away after a single use and they are not even fit for refilling. On the other hand, OEM or high quality compatible cartridges can be refilled 20-25 times and also they can be remanufactured. One of the main objectives of RCRA will be educating the end-users on how cheap and low-quality cartridges though less expensive in the beginning will cost more in the long-run; and on how OEM and high quality compatibles, which can be refilled multiple times and remanufactured, can be more beneficial in the long-run besides offering higher page yield and better quality print.”

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