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Ninestar Launches Jumbo Cartridges

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Do you want to reduce the cost of office print? Have you experienced that the printing stopped suddenly without toner when you are printing important document? Jumbo cartridge would be a good choice to give you satisfied experience. It offers much higher page yield than the standard cartridge.

For example, suppose that you have to print 5000 pages one month, and a standard toner cartridge page yield is1000 pages, which means you need five pieces standard cartridges monthly. What if use a jumbo cartridge which can print 2500 pages? Only two pieces for the printing monthly, you just need to buy two and replace two times instead of five times. Since year 2006, Ninestar have introduced the concept of jumbo cartridge to aftermarket, and it developed many jumbo cartridges for popular models, such as HP Q2612 etc.

Up to now, there are more than 30 models jumbo cartridges available, including popular and new items such as CC364A/X, CE390A/X, Q5942X, Q1338A, Q1339A, and Q5945A. How to manufacture a jumbo cartridge? Most people think we can increase the page yield simply by filling more toner, and some factories do like this in fact. However, the real jumbo cartridge is much more complex to ensure the print quality as well as high page yield. Due to the jumbo cartridge’s working life is extended for high page yield, it requires raw material and accessories with excellent performance such as abrasion performance to support longer working life.

If use the same as standard cartridge, it couldn’t keep stable print quality, even couldn’t achieve enough page yield as predicted. Therefore, the production cost of jumbo cartridge is increasing actually. Most cartridges need change internal structure, to achieve enough space for extra toner, and the management of more waste toner. It is a key step of the success and assurance of quality, to some degree, we think. Otherwise, the jumbo cartridge’s defective rate is probably high. This step requires mature R & D team and professional technicians with serious research and development testing process. In addition, density is one of the key elements to estimate jumbo cartridge quality.

Just reduce the density to get more page yield but no change on toner volume that isn’t real jumbo cartridge .That is one of the reasons why there are so many low price jumbo cartridges on the market. Product, material, even toner volume are no change on this kind of cartridge, that seems like more page yield, but print quality decline seriously, even quality problem . If we look at some marketing data, jumbo cartridge’s market share is keep growing in recent years. More and more office including SOHO, factory, bank has considered about environment and economic and they choose jumbo cartridges. In addition, the rapid growth of MPS in print market increase jumbo cartridge demands infinitely. Ninestar will insist on jumbo cartridges project, and devote more on research and development. We also provide customize cartridges for customer special requirement.

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