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Ninestar opens new factory in Malaysia

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Ninestar announces to set up new factory in Malaysia. The new factory will focus on the remanufacture of toner and inkjet cartridges. The factory sets empty collecting, resembling and logistic all-in-one. The action is considered as a part of Ninestar’s strategy on winning leading position in remanufactured industry.

The new factory is expected to provide quality remanufactured products for European and Asia market. Jackson Wang, CEO of the company, said on the Hello Future Forum, “This is very helpful for our remanufacture business. I believe the remanufacture business will have a big market share in the future.

We invest a lot on this field and hope it could help our customer to hold more market share. “The reports also show that SIU, one of branch companies of Ninestar in USA, launched empties recycling website to strengthen remanufactured capacity in this region.

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