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OCP provides direct service to ink remanufacturers in India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Following an extensive visit and review of the Indian market, OCP is introducing an OCP direct service for customers in India. Our direct service will enable customers to order inks and supplies direct from the factory. After visiting Mumbai and the Indian market in June earlier this year, OCP’s sales department have made the decision not to go with a distribution partner.

We will instead be working more closely with existing and future Indian customers direct from Germany.Carsten Edelmeier, Sales Manager at OCP, commented: “We have been reviewing the needs of the Indian market for some time and I recently visited India to talk with customers and ink remanufacturers. The feedback was very positive and there is a clear need for OCP quality inks, delivered quickly and efficiently direct from our German warehouse.

“Our new OCP direct service will speed up delivery and provide better pricing for customers, enabling them to buy direct and sell remanufactured ink products with a good margin. As the OCP direct service grows and expands, it will enable us to develop and strengthen the relationship we have with our Indian customers.”

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