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OKI Data Americas Upgrades Digital Transfer Printing Technology

by Imaging Solution Bureau

OKI Data Americas announced that they have modified the toner technology and print drivers of their industry leading ProColor 8432WT Digital Transfer Printer to deliver a white or ‘true’ black printing solution. Recognized for its advanced, best-in-class white toner technology, the 8432WT printer has been reconfigured with the unique capability to accommodate both features in a single printer. OKI is always looking for opportunities to grow and evolve our digital transfer printing solutions to deliver increased productivity and efficiency. Providing increased value and enhancing the customer experience is vital to OKI’s continued growth and success.

The Pro8432WT supports interchangeable black and white toner without incurring additional equipment cost. This SWAP Toner Technology offers the ability for users to accommodate both CMY + White or CMY + Black printing. This enabled ‘toggle’ functionality allows users to produce graphics and text on light and dark-colored garments and hard goods.

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