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PATEL TRADERS: Leading Printing Technology Solution Provider

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Refill House is the leading printing technology Solution Provider since 2001. They are now focusing in Segment Managed Print Service, Managed Document Service, Printing & Refill Technology Training, and Pharmaceutical Printing Solution.

“Today the market is rapidly changed from last six to eight months, all laser printer has protection like chips so refillers are not refilled easily so refiller has hand to mouth . No stocks for all the chips, that’s why costly importing one to two chips,” said, Mahesh Patel of Refill House.“ One company called patented chip device where laser 240 model chips you programmed brand mentioned and you have to used same that device and this device remanufacture , genuine store, patented chip no patent issue.

This device is upgradable device whenever new model came this device,” he further added. He cited an example; HP has three type s of chip, from the 94 model chip we programmed . So as a refiller, if they used this device he gets stock inventory decrease. Time saving, availability and value for money. Chips value around blank PCCB is value more cheaper than Chinese and other patented chips . Company offered genuine refiller and remanufacturer who used per month min 50 chips device is almost free for the user. “In India we are the leading solution provide and we provide the same solution since one an half year. And, we got very good response and value for money for users. We provide Universal Chip solutions to our Customers and remanufacturers,” concluded, Patel.

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