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Preet Computers launched refilling inkjet cartridges

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Preet Computers, a Delhi-based company that was founded in 2012 with repairing plotters, started refilling laser cartridges and providing laser toner to the end users in 2013. Ramveer Singh,Proprietor, asserts,“Although we operate
pan India, our main areas of operation are NCR and North India.We are selling 3000-4000 bottles of laser toner per month.

This is much more than we expected to achieve in just 2 years time. Also we sell over 200 toner cartridges per year.Quality is our main selling point. Where our prices are higher than market prices, the quality the customer gets is a definite value-for-money proposition. We provide all our products under our brand SAITECH.” Advancements in information technology over the past decade have transformed business to be dependent on computers/printers/photocopiers, etc.

Consequently, refilling printer cartridges has become one of the fastest growing industries. Preet Computers wants to make best of these trends and opportunities. “After our astounding success in providing laser toners, we started 2 months back refilling and providing inks for inkjet printers. Within a month we sold over 4000 bottles (of 100 mL each). That has been an awesome response from our trusted customers for the last 2 months. We deal in black and color for both laser toners and inks.

Even though the color is growing fast, black toner dominates the market demand: On the laser printer front, black is 80% and color is 20%; and on the inkjet front black and color are 50% and 50%,” adds Ramveer Singh. SAITECH also has a complete range of OPC drums and other consumables for laser printers, MFP, fax machines & copiers. OPC drums are manufactured with an integrated process of diamond-turning, anodizing and dip-coating with computerized online monitoring system to ensure stability and consistency of the products. Patented coating materials are applied with precision
testing equipment to assure superior quality of wiper blades, doctor blades, PCR, mag rolls, etc. Ramveer Singh concludes, “Currently, we are dealing through a network of 30 distributors and 100 dealers.

In future, we want to add more products to our line and reach more areas and expand our operations further. We are looking forward to enquiries from potential and honest distributors and dealers.”

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