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Print-Rite Introduces All-New PR3 Dongle Gear Solution

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Print-Rite has always been known as one of the top consumable manufacturers ahead of the curve. If 2017 is an indication of appearing as a concept of “Innovation is the future”, Print-Rite will look to escalate that with the all-new PR3 gear in 2018. Favoured by resellers, Print-Rite PR3 gear is incredibly creative but also extremely competitive with full strength, precision, speed and stability.

Print-Rite has launched the all-new dongle gear solution — PR3, which is encompasses a perfect blend between innovation and utility in its IP-safety solution. Print-Rite PR3 gear features a design that’s faster and stronger, equipped with a highly innovative, no inclination and vertical lift whilst leaving the movement visible — it’s rather irresistible, too, as it’s a patent-safe production and compatible with a wide range of cartridges.
Now the PR3 dongle gear solution is available in replacement toner cartridges compatible with HP CF226/CF287 series, HP CE505/CF280 series and HP CE255 series toner cartridges.

With the introduction of the new Print-Rite PR3 gear, Print-Rite has become the one of the world’s largest and well established aftermarket printer consumables manufacturer to take pride in the registration of over 2,700 patents worldwide. To claim this consumable aftermarket industry achievement, each Print-Rite consumable production is subject to a series of intense quality tests to ensure the absolute best function and patent protection on resellers’ rights.

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