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Print-Rite, Pelikan Forge 30-Year Licensing Agreement

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Print-Rite and Pelikan have formed a 30-year licensing agreement. Effective July 1, Print-Rite will have the exclusive rights to manufacture high quality, unique patent safe cartridges using the Pelikan Brand.

Pelikan Hardcopy will transfer all current trading to two new companies, one in Germany and the other in France, both of which will trade as PRP Solutions. Since the strength of the Pelikan brand and its sales and customer service are critical components in the development of reliable business over the years, Print-Rite is committed to enhancing the service for new and existing customers.

Pelikan has a strong reputation in the European market as a supplier of high quality, IP safe aftermarket printer consumables, and Print-Rite was considered the obvious and best partner in the industry able to maintain and enhance this reputation. Print-Rite has more than 2,600 patents and operates with an emphasis on quality and non-infringing IP products at the highest level.

“This is an important strategic collaboration for the two highly reputable companies,” said Arnald Ho, founding chairman of the Print-Rite Group. “We expect to deliver more superior and reliable products with this powerful agreement, a new chapter of the whole compatible hard copy supply industry has opened.”

Print-Rite, the famously energetic brand from China, has extensive resources and manufacturing facilities as well as a broad and growing product portfolio. Its focus on the hardcopy industry has been built over a 35-year history as a leading supplier to markets across the globe. Recently Print-Rite was awarded the distinction as one of the top 100 companies in China for innovation across all industries and sectors.

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