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Print-Rite to Unveil Innovative Product Packaging

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Print-Rite will unveil exciting new product packaging to some of its lines. Print-Rite has completed a comprehensive re-design to these lines with one thing in mind: the customer.

The new packaging gives consumers a more attractive experience with new branded signature box colors and graphics. The fully redesigned boxes also offer the consumer a new and more customer friendly experience. Customer feedback prompted Print-Rite to evaluate and change the packaging, as our customers are important.

The reasonable size design can save more space and cost. The beautifully stylized new look will be complemented by the unique product codes displayed prominently so that users will be able to easily identify the contents.

The new Print-Rite designs are aimed at making the products stylish and easier to identify but hold to the company’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable partnership. We hold dear our responsibilities to provide value and quality to our customers while strengthening our position within the marketplace.

The new Print-Rite packaging will be introduced in the third week of June and will be rolled out to markets around the world throughout 2017 and into 2018.

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