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Print Tracker Announces Version 8.0 of Print Tracker Pro and Admin

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Building on its Buyers Lab (BLI) Gold Tested platform, Print Tracker is proud to announce its newest software release, Version 8.0 of Print Tracker Pro and Admin. “Print Tracker continues to enhance its offerings by providing timely solutions to the challenges dealers and value added resellers face,” said Print Tracker President Lance Hale. “Supply automation for office equipment companies is maturing and Print Tracker helps businesses make certain their fulfillment processes run efficiently.”A few of the latest improvements to Print Tracker Pro and Admin software include enhancing supply table lookups and average fill calculations, the addition of firmware version reporting, including toner levels for all devices in alert emails and updating a variety of reports including Volume Analysis templates. Print Tracker has also increased the software’s ability to assist clients with supply management. Adding to its already impressive data capture accuracy when gathering information from machines that report low supply levels, dealers can now choose to receive alerts when levels drop below preset thresholds OR when cartridges are changed out. Cartridge change alerts dovetail nicely with Print Tracker’s ability to let dealers skip alerts, a nice feature when customers have safety stock on hand for self-replenishment. Further enhancements include the ability to configure special site monitoring alerts allowing administrators to be notified when key accounts experience reporting issues. Dealers can also schedule specific reports to be sent on a recurring monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly basis. Print Tracker has bundled many of their latest enhancements and is making them available in a new Advanced MPS module. With version 8.0, Print Tracker Data Processor has the ability to send mail via Microsoft Live and Outlook365.In late 2016 Print Tracker announced collaboration with Supplies Network (see the August Press Release). The new integration opened the way for additional automatic sales quote generation options. Using e-automate’s Partner Integration Platform, supply sales quotes can now be created for non-contract devices.

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