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Printfleet’s Integration with HP On SDS

by Imaging Solution Bureau

According to Industry analysts, PrintFleet Inc., a provider in managed print services (MPS) software and data-driven solutions, has released the first stage of its integration with HP’s Smart Device Services (SDS) for improved HP device management.

Available through the latest versions of DCA Pulse and PrintFleet Optimizer (PFO), resellers can take advantage of a simple two-click install process to enable the HP SDS integration. Additionally, PFO users may choose to enable the integration at any time during the initial DCA Pulse install or at any point post initial installation. Within this release resellers will have device registration, mSKU and genuine cartridge identification as well as the ability to remotely reboot devices. Both mKSU and genuine cartridge identification are important features in enabling enhanced services available from HP, such as facilitating higher yield from cartridges and dictating whether certain device operations are accessible respectively.

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