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Rajesh Nahata Elected President and Dayashkar Sharma, Secretary, of RCRA

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Rajasthan Cartridge Recycler’s Association (RCRA) organized a meeting at Rajasthan’s largest IT market Raisar Plaza and under direct election system, Mr. Rajesh Nahata of Classic Sales was appointed President, Dayashankar Sharma of Divakar Computronix & Systems was elected Secretary and Shri Shiv Thirani of Alka Corporation was appointed Treasurer.

Shri Nahata discussed how the poor quality Chinese compatible cartridges damaging the environment and upsetting the Imaging industry dynamics. The measures to stop and reduce of e-waste produced from Printer Cartridges and the E-Waste law implemented by the Government of India recently were also discussed.

According to Secretary Dayashankar Sharma, “The bad quality of compatible cartridges is the biggest factor contributing to increased e-waste. If a customer uses original cartridges, he can print 2000 pages, and it can be refilled 20 to 25 times; that means during its life, a cartridge can give 50,000-page yield. On the other hand, a bad Chinese cartridge hardly gives 500-600 prints, which is same as buying 100 cartridges for 50,000 prints. These 100 Chinese cartridges (in the place of 1 OEM cartridge) adds 100 times to the e-waste.”

Since the compatible cartridge’s apparently look like easy-business, most users are adopting them and they are adversely affecting the cartridge refilling and recycling business. Sharma also added that if users do not refill, then how can we sell toners, blades, drums, PCRs and other cartridge spare parts? So compatibles are negatively affecting the industry and environment.

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