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Sonal Trading Introduced Remanufactured Toner cartridges with international quality standards

by Imaging Solution Bureau

STC Brand Toner cartridges were introduced by Sonal Trading Co., with a motto of green environment was introduced. Green environment means less and lesser generation of e-waste. This is true because major parts are reused and worn parts are replaced with international quality parts. Majority of E waste is cleaned and recharged so that result produced are equivalent to OEMS.

No side products emerge out of these productions. Neither any smoke / residue   are generated while making of this products or chemical waste is left over. Hitesh Bhatt qualified in Electronics maintenance and Kandarp Bhatt is qualified in mechanical, Started M/s Sonal Trading Co in the year 1984 within heart of Ahmedabad city. Involvement of this two entrepreneurs train technicians for recharge of laser toner. Trained technician works onsite as well as in house work shop for recharge and repairing of toner cartages.

Entire team is lead directly by Kandrap Bhatt and Hitesh Bhatt. The team consists of on- site technician who provide technical assistance and solicit customer grievance, in-house technicians prepares quality products under the strict supervision. Since 1986 they concentrated their focus on the large potential of the imaging industries. “It is in our focus to accept the modern concepts required for the imaging industries. These concepts are further put in to the practices with innovative ideas to serve our customer. We believe that every new concept, every new idea gives better and better results with cost effectiveness of the products.

At present refilling of the toner cartridges has lost faith and trust by using sub standard materials and unethical practices. Now it is a time to adopt new concepts and new idea. Following to our principals we have now introduced Remanufactured Toner cartridges with international quality standards. Three types of cartridges are available in the market viz. OEM cartridge, Compatible cartridge and Re manufactured cartridge,” said, Kandarp Bhatt.

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