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Static Control Hosts Annual Distributor Summit

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Static Control’s global distributor partners traveled to the world headquarters April 20-23 to attend the Annual Distributor Summit. More than 15 countries were represented at the event, which included three days of product discussions, sales opportunities, upcoming promotions, industry updates and analysis of each individual market.

“This annual meeting is vital to share ideas and strategies. We are a global company with a presence in every inhabited continent, and our distribution network reaches more than 15,000 remanufacturers around the world. It is critical they understand Static Control’s vision for the future and also discuss local strategies for each market,” said Juan Carlos Bonell, Static Control Vice President of Sales for Global Distributor Markets. “We are continuously working together with our global partners and this meeting is a great opportunity to show them our support.”

In addition to business discussions, attendees also participated in a paintball team competition. “Social activities like this one help bond our team together. It boosts problem-solving abilities and allows the group to independently devise and implement strategies with a specific goal in mind,” said Bonell. “Static Control has been very supportive of our business, and remanufacturers around the world recognize Static Control distributors as the most solid distribution network in the industry. We are proud of being part of the Static Control family and support all strategies the company is implementing for our region,” added Rafael Camacho, general manager of Components de Colombia and Components De Ecuador, the distributor in Colombia and Ecuador.

Static Control also presented awards for top sales performance to distributors Components De Ecuador in Ecuador, Trascopier in Argentina and Lago Print in Venezuela. Static Control distributor partners also serve remanufacturers in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Korea and Ukraine. D.G. Imaging Solutions PLT in Malaysia was selected as the latest partner to join with Static Control in 2014 as an exclusive distributor.Static Control distributors serve more than 15,000 remanufacturers worldwide.

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