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Static Control Supports PACTO Association in Its Fight against Clone Manufacturers

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Static Control is proud to announce its support of the Italian association Produttori Associati Cartucce Toner (PACTO). The association comprises members from Sapi, Microlaser Italia, Tecnolaser Europa and Eco-Recuperi. Established in 2009, PACTO aims to promote any initiative that helps to support the development and progress of the Italian remanufacturing industry.

PACTO states that genuine remanufacturers currently hold a 10% share of the 8-9 million-unit cartridge market in Italy and that crucially, the government accounts for approximately 3 million of the total market sales. PACTO associates met at Static Control’s headquarters in Sanford, North Carolina, USA in March and discussed their goals, one of which is to target government bodies and raise their awareness of the industry’s fight against new build/clone manufacturers.

They are also working with the Ministry of the Environment to promote the industry’s contribution to the green economy, and ultimately promote awareness to the general public of the positive and green contributions the remanufacturing industry makes. PACTO is the most recent in a line of cartridge associations stepping up their efforts to differentiate themselves from new build/clone manufacturers.

“We are delighted to support PACTO and look forward to working with them in the same way we have ETIRA, the I-ITC, UCKRA in the UK, ABRECI in Brazil and CAMOCA in Argentina,” said Ken Lalley, Static Control’s European Vice President of Sales. “The emerging clone issue is a very real threat to our industry but by working together, we can strengthen our position and safeguard our future. Static Control will continue to support any association prepared to join the genuine remanufacturers around the world in our joint fight against the clones.” Static Control will ONLY sell to genuine cartridge remanufacturers. They will not sell to manufacturers of new build/clone ink and laser cartridges.

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