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Vishwa Print Care Aims at Providing Services with Best Customer Satisfaction

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Vishwa Print Care is based in Visnagar (North Gujarat) and provides services like renting printers and copiers, repairs and AMC of printers and copiers; and sale and purchase of old printers and copiers. Founded in 2014, Vishwa Print Care also sells brand new machines as a reseller. They provide services (and also brand new printers) for copiers of brands Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh; and printers of brands Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, Samsung, and Brother. They also provide passbook printer repair services.

Mr. Vaibhav Patel, Proprietor, Vishwa Print Care, comments, “Most of our customers for repair and rental services are corporates; educational institutes like schools, colleges, etc; and also some government offices. We deal mostly with laser printers and copier machines and to some extent, inkjet printers. When it comes to compatible consumables, we provide the products of leading brands like ProDot, Aryan, Image King, i-jet, Jet Tec, etc. Our main principle is we provide prompt services, quality products, maintain relationships based on trust and try to offer the best possible customer satisfaction. As far as challenges are concerned, the first one is the online portals which offer products at much cheaper prices, and as result margins for offline sellers like us have significantly dropped. The second challenge is most buyers are not quality-conscious but are only price-sensitive, so cheap quality products are selling a lot directly affecting the providers of quality products. The third challenge is the OEM are launching new models of printers and copiers more often than before and because of this, our technicians have to learn new technologies fast. We are trying our best to cope up with these challenges and carry them forward. In future, we will aim at improving our services; offer better customer satisfaction, and expand our business further.”

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