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Xerox Expands Cloud Services Portfolio to Help Faster Digital Transformation

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Xerox announces the expansion of its flexible cloud services portfolio with the launch of Virtual Print Management Service and Workplace Cloud Fleet Management, two new offerings designed to support and accelerate the digital transformation efforts of its IT clients.

With the Xerox Virtual Print Management Service, enterprise CIOs can rapidly replace their expensive, legacy, on-premises print servers with Xerox’s multi-tenant, modern, secure cloud infrastructure. The easy implementation frees up internal IT resources to focus on truly challenging, longer-term digital transformation efforts. Additionally, this subscription-based, software-as-service model will save IT organizations up to a third of their typical print server spend.

“CIOs are under enormous pressure to drive a smooth transition to the cloud – and ensure services are uninterrupted and seamless at every step in the process,” said Joanne Collins Smee, chief commercial, SMB and channels officer for Xerox. “But the reality of the cloud transition is often much slower and more complex than anticipated. Xerox’s Virtual Print offers the enterprise CIO an easy win on all the measures that matter most: flexibility, cost, security and user experience.”

Xerox is also bringing the benefits of cloud-less infrastructure, more security and less hassle – to the SMB community with Xerox Workplace Cloud Fleet Management. As hackers increasingly target cash-strapped, IT resource-limited small businesses, Xerox’s Fleet Management solution pushes on-demand security updates for individual printers, groups, and even the entire fleet. A simple dashboard lets clients see compliance with security measures at a glance.

“SMBs are the target of two out of every three cybercrimes,” said Smee. “But unlike enterprise companies, these businesses often don’t have the means to prevent or mitigate such attacks. With Xerox’s Workplace Cloud Fleet Management solution, we deliver that cloud security benefit to an SMB community that truly needs it.”

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