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“Almost All Major Vendors will Exhibit at 11th ReChina Asia Expo ”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

ReChina Asia Expo is the world’s largest trade show in the printing consumables industry. Since its successful debut in 2004, ReChina Asia Expo is favored by industry insiders worldwide for its large scale, industry focus and internationalized features. Every year thousands of visitors come from over 70 countries and regions to attend ReChina Asia Expo. In an interview with Jeffrey Gu, General Manager of the organizer of ReChina Asia Expo  about the 11th ReChina Asia Expo and its future plans. Excerpts of the interview:

How the 11th session is different from the past session of ReChina Asia Expo?
    2013 ReChina Expo is the 11th session. ReChina Expo is held every year in Shanghai since 20004. ReChina celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2013. ReChina has entered a new era of development and will continue to be the world leading trade show in printer consumables industry.

Why the 11th sessions of ReChina Asia Expo reschedule the programme? Earlier the show was organized in the winter season.
    In the past nine years, ReChina Expo was held in second half of the year. From 2013, ReChina Expo will be held in spring, the first half of the year. Many exhibitors and visitors suggest us to hold ReChina Expo in spring. Spring is the best season in Shanghai, China. There will be more attendees at the show in spring.

Why the major vendors didn’t participate in the 10th session of ReChina Asia Expo?
     Some vendors from India did not participate last year ReChina, because many of them could not get China visa in time due to the change of the visa regulation between India and China. Now it needs original hard copy of invitation letter to get the visa. And it takes longer time to process applications. In 2013, we will see more Indian visitor at 11th ReChina Expo, because visitors now try to get the visa to China earlier than usual.

What is the special attraction of the 11th ReChina Asia Expo 2013? Is there any specific plan to arrange the show?
    At least 300 exhibitors and 9000 attendees will come attend ReChina 2013. ReChina is one of the biggest trade shows in printer consumables industry. Almost all the major companies like SCC, Ninestar, Orink, Printermayin, Tricolor, TopJet, Peach, Vivicolor, Top-print, Colorfly, ikon, Mito, Haoyinbao, Oupu, Chinamate, Any-color, Jetboss, Maetone, Mipo, Starink, Speed, Cet, Trendvision, Baiksan and so on will exhibit at the show. To share all the resources, to make your business prosperous, join us at ReChina 2013!

How this show is relevant to the Indian remanufacturing industry?
    Both India and China are two biggest countries in Asia. Both the countries have big market and consumption for the printer consumables. Most the remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges and toner cartridges are made in China. But India is a strong supplying country for components, materials, and technologies, like toner, ink, OPC drums, chip, etc. ReChina Expo is fully relevant to Indian remanufacturing industry.

What is your future plan of 12th ReChina Asia expo?
    12th ReChina Expo will be held in 2014 at the same time as in 2013. Shanghai Exhibition Center will be the venue for 12th ReChina, also the same as for 11th ReChina. It is easy and convenient for the exhibitors and visitors that we keep the same place and the same time for ReChina Expo 2014. As the world leading trade show, ReChina will continue to flourish in the future.

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