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ESY India launches India’s first ALL in ONE Smart POS Machine

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Over the years, ESY India -one of India’s fastest growing POS companies – has launched a wide range of ESYPOS products and solutions.

Today, ESY India proudly announces the launch of a range of India’s first All In One Touch POS machines withrich features including auto upload of Invoices in the GST Network.

The ESYPOSrange of products was launched by ESY India in the year 2015 in collaboration with Pinnacle Technology Corporation, the world’s largest POS printer& solution device manufacturers, headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan).

Within a span of two years, ESYPOS has emerged as one of India’s leading POS brands with a large number of installations across the country.

At the launch of the new product range, Dr. V.P. Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India said that thePOS market in India is growing at a rapid pace, thanks to theintroduction of GST.He added that in the last two years,ESY Indiahaslaunched many new models for POS printing and barcode scanning across India.

‘This unique product, the ESYPOS All In One Smart POS, comes with a high speed processor that helps faster computing of Retail Billing Processes,prints 3-inch receipts and also Barcode Labels in dual mode with multiple interfaces, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB. It has a built-in 9 inches to 15 inches touchscreen that makes billing or label editingrelated operationseasier. The machine operates on multiple operating systems like Windows,Android and Linux printing on cloud which facilitates seamless linking to Government of India’s GST Network. Remote managing is also enabled on this machine. The Quad Core CPU can drive seamless computing and printing.‘This is truly a first of its kind in the Indian market’,Dr. Sajeevan further highlighted.

It may be added here that today India has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing markets for ESY. Over a million  of customers are using ESY products in India and the company has arobust service network across the country.

During the launch, Dr.Sajeevan mentioned that currently the filing of GST Returns is not very user-friendly due to multiple returns and burdensome invoice matching processes causing serious delaysin getting the input Tax Credit (ITC).ESY India’s efforts in bringing online and real time uploading of invoices in the GST network can bring huge changes in the process and result in getting ITC without any delay.

Dr.Sajeevanemphasised that the latest ESYPOS machines have the capacity to process the invoicing and upload it to GSTN automoaticallyon real time basis.This will not only automate and simplify the GST Returns but also speed up the process of ITC adjustments.Dr.Sajeevan is optimistic that these ESYPOS machines have a huge potential in Kerala since less than half of the traders who are claiming ITC are using computerised billing and printing processes. ‘We have solutions for all levels of customers and we offer Retail Billing Machines that start from Rs.15000 onwards’, added Dr.Sajeevan.

“Considering the huge potential in Barcode and Label Printing, we are also launching two new models for heavy duty label printing. Both these products come with 120 mm paper width (4.72”), a Dual Printing method with Thermal Transfer Technology and Direct Thermal Technology.In fact, all our products are BIS certified. We recently upgraded our quality certification to ISO 9000-2015.With superior quality,unique features of ESYPOS products and our robust sales and service network across the state , we are confident of attaining aleading market share before the end of 2018”, said Dr.V.P. Sajeevan.

ESY India isalso offering onsite warranty for one year for Label Printers including the print head. It is the only brand offering warranty for print heads up to 50 km.In fact, to make ESYPOS Label Printers give better value for money, the company is offering a full version of the “Label Shop” Label editing software worth Rs.16000, free of cost.

‘Our range also includes the ELP 531T and the ELP 5031T, two extremely robust products. While the ELP 531T comes with a USB interface, the ELP 5031T comes with multiple interfaces like USB, parallel port, serial and Ethernet. 5031T also has an additional paper role holder for industrial printing (for large logistics companies, airports, factories,etc). Both these can print up to 6 inches per second’, added Dr.Sajeevan.

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