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Great America and Compass Announce Greater Integration and Efficiencies

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Great America Financial Services Corporation and Compass Sales Solutions have joined forces once again to eliminate the need for office imaging dealers to switch between two systems.  New functionality has been added to Compass to allow users to submit customer information directly into the Great America credit processing system and view the status of submitted applications in order to streamline the sales process.

For years, Compass users have had current Great America lease information available at their fingertips within the Lease Tracker module. In addition to this new credit-processing capability, Compass Sherpa users will receive a new Cost-Per-Image (CPI) Worksheet with maximum automation through the software for ease of use at no additional charge.  This will eliminate excessive manual entry and significant errors when funding MPS deals. “It’s important that we invest in the technology that makes it easier for our dealers to do business—and this credit application enhancement helps us accomplish that,” said Jennie Fisher, Senior VP and General Manager, Office Equipment Group at Great America.

“We intend to continue to find ways to work with our colleagues at Compass to keep our mutual dealers efficient and effective in their system of choice—Compass Sherpa.” “We are excited to expand our partnership with Great America and further streamline the sales process for our users. The new financing feature and CPI worksheet will save sales reps and managers time building deals and provide them with leverage when proposing,” said Troy Casper, President of Compass Sales Solutions.

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