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Home Workers are More Productive: Quocirca Study

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Remote working is leading to less printing overall as employees pivot to digital collaboration, but those that are still printing are also more likely to report increased productivity when working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research from Quocirca.

The survey of 501 home-working employees in the UK found that a reduced need for hard copy documents and the enforced transition to digital processes had decreased the overall need to print. At the same time, three-quarters of respondents said their productivity had increased or stayed the same since they transitioned to home working.

The survey results point to opportunities for print industry vendors and channel partners to focus on supporting the hybrid home/office environment by expanding MPS contracts to support the secure printing requirements of remote employees. Key findings include:

  • 77%of office workers based at home have access to a printer, though only 5% said their employer had provided them with one. 14% purchased a printer themselves as a result of switching to home working during COVID-19.
  • 52%are printing less than they did in the office. This includes 24% that are not printing at all. However, 28% say the amount they print has increased significantly. This is more likely amongst those that were regularly printed in the office.
  • 75% of new home workers report that productivity has increased (41%) or stayed the same (34%). Among those who report higher levels of productivity, 64% state they are printing more, against 30% who say they are printing less or not at all
  • 41%of those that have reduced printing say they need fewer printed documents now there are no face-to-face meetings or physical signatures. 30% find digital options easier to use.

Employees of large organizations were more likely to report having ceased to print entirely, with 44% reporting this compared with only 18% of SMEs and 10% of mid-sized organizations. Correspondingly, workers in mid-sized organizations were most likely to say they were printing more.

The shift to a hybrid home/office structure presents opportunities for print vendors and channel partners to roll support for home workers into MPS contracts, considering issues such as consumables delivery and collection of printed material for secure shredding or recycling. Security is another important consideration, with Quocirca’s COVID-19 business impact survey finding significant concern among customers about the security of home printers. Quocirca’s Home Printing Report contains recommendations for buyers who are responsible for provisioning the hybrid work environment, as well as advice for suppliers aiming to support a changing market.

[Source: RT Media – rtmworld.com]

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