Home News Update “Mach Serve’s merits are best quality and ultimate customer satisfaction”

“Mach Serve’s merits are best quality and ultimate customer satisfaction”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Mach Serve System, led by it Proprietor,Palak Patel, is an Ahmedabad-based office automation company which was incorporated in 2006. An ultimate solution for Printers and Consumable Services, Mach Serve is the Sales & service franchisee of Xerox India Ltd, while also dealing with other brands.



Mach Serve covers Ahmadabad & other cities in Gujarat. Initiated with the business of copiers, Mach Serve today extended their operations into office equipment segment to become one of the top providers of printers and consumables in Gujarat. With a base of 10,000 satisfied customers, today Mach Serve is a market leader dealing in all the reputed brands of copiers, printers and multifunction products, consumables and IT accessories.

Regarding their company’s motto, vision and plans, Palak Patel clarifies, “Customer satisfaction is very important, as the end customers are the people who will ultimately decide the quality and our products and services. Mach Serve is committed to offer outstanding services & support to the end users. We convey our sincere gratitude to
all our customers, suppliers, investors and others for their support and confidence and we assure them our commitment to strive for bigger achievements in the coming years.

Mach Serve has successfully entered their 10th year of its successful existence in the industry. Driven by Customer Satisfaction as the first paradigm, we harness our knowledge and experience supported by disciplined execution to deliver the best.”

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