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Metrofuser Celebrates 10th Anniversary

by Imaging Solution Bureau

January 2013 marks the beginning of the tenth calendar year that Metrofuser has provided quality service parts, whole unit printers and training to its customers in the office equipment industry.  In 2003, Metrofuser opened its doors as a remanufacturer and distributor of printer parts for Hewlett-Packard laser printers.

Over the years the company has expanded its product portfolio to include Lexmark printer parts and it continues to offer increasingly more remanufactured, environmentally friendly alternatives for parts on the top monochrome, color and multifunction printers in the imaging supplies industry. The company has evolved considerably over the past 10 years, adapting quickly but thoughtfully to meet the needs of its customer base.

The company opened up a California distribution facility in 2006 because, as Metrofuser’s CFO Eric Katz noted, “many of our customers are in the service business and cannot afford to wait two or three days for replacement parts to arrive.” Metrofuser has worked with regional and national carriers to expand its range of next-day ground coverage while keeping freight costs manageable. In 2008 Metrofuser started to offer printer repair-training classes. “It was an ideal way for us to support our current customers,” said Will DeMuth, Metrofuser’s chief operating officer, “as well as expose our brand to new prospective customers. For growing service providers or copier dealers looking to increase their product base, our offering of weeklong repair and theory classes has been an essential tool in their expansion.”

Metrofuser also began remanufacturing HP laser printers and multi-function devices in 2010. It is a division of the company that has seen rapid expansion, especially as managed print services (MPS) has taken hold and dealers look to find the most cost-effective, reliable printers to deploy. Years of experience in developing proprietary products that solve the industry’s complex problems have positioned Metrofuser as an industry leader that adapts to meet the needs of its clientele and is first-to-market with product offerings and unique solutions.

Metrofuser has continued to grow year after year, despite an uncertain and often difficult economic climate. “The two most important forces in our rapid development,” said Demuth, “have been a superior team of professionals who care about keeping our customers happy and a maniacal obsession with improving and perfecting our quality. Many of our employees have been here for years, enabling us to create a core group of experienced technicians and managers whose dedication has allowed us to evolve and advance.” “In the end,” Katz said, “we look at our relationship with the customer as a partnership.

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