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West Point Products Launches Axess SalesPro

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Recently, West Point Products announced the release of Axess SalesPro, an interactive, on-line sales training program designed to assist dealers develop and implement a comprehensive MPS sales process. Designed to allow dealers’ employees to learn on their own schedule, Axess SalesPro features a comprehensive educational curriculum, supporting documents and reference materials, built in quizzes, and extensive reporting to allow managers to track employees’ progress.

“Axess SalesPro was developed to help dealers meet their training needs, with in depth and actionable content in an on-line format, which will help the dealer manage their training costs by eliminating the need to travel” said Ray Loisel, Senior Vice President, MPS for West Point Products. “This training will empower sales reps to have the knowledge and the materials they need to implement a proven sales process.”

Axess SalesPro is being offered to dealers on a subscription basis, including an option for unlimited seats to extend training to all employees. In addition, managers can opt to receive daily or weekly reports to see how well employees are learning the material presented. “We developed Axess SalesPro with the dealer’s success in MPS sales as our goal,” said Tom Day, President of West Point Products. “This is another way we are adding value to our customers and helping them grow through our Axess MPS Program.”

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