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Metrofuser Makes Paper Recommendations to Reduce Call Backs and Warranties

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Metrofuser has announced its recommendation for the ColorLok and BLI Certified paper for use in Laser Printers and MFPs. Metrofuser’s testing department prints over 5 million copies on 2.5 million pages of paper per year. Over the last 11 years and in the process of repairing over 500,000 parts and printer devices, the company has seen the effects of both good and bad paper.

Paper is increasingly a key contributor in poor printer performance and print quality but given little thought at the time of purchase and less thought when problems arise. Both ColorLok and BLI Certified Paper provide clearly superior performance. Printers are more reliable and are able to maintain image quality over more pages when compared to abrasive, large-particle filler papers. In addition to experiencing significantly fewer paper jams and other errors, these papers leaves behind less dust and toner contaminants, which could potentially contribute to long-term printer reliability and image quality issues.

Testing for these certifications involve running roughly one million sheets through dozens of different copiers, printers, fax machines, digital duplicators and multifunctional devices while assessing packaging quality, cut/edge attributes, image clarity and crease permanence, as well as numerous “runnability” metrics. The tests prove which papers are least likely to suffer from image quality or sheet-feed problems.
Managed print services are an all-in-one solution for large fleets providing maintenance, toner and devices. Typically, however, the acquisition of paper is left to the customer. While MPS providers have the financial liability and performance accountability for uptime, they have little control or knowledge with regard to the quality of the paper. Paper certifications allow MPS providers to update contracts with specifications regarding standards.

Certified papers are sold under various brands through retail, Internet, catalog, and contract stationers. Consumers can ask and look for the BLI or ColorLok seal of approval on cartons and reams of imaging paper. One of the top manufactures funded a study shedding light on this growing problem. From the research, a paper titled “Laser Printer Performance and Reliability” was developed and is a great tool to educate end users.

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