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MSE Receives Patent for Secondary Cleaning System Technology

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE), a leader in patented technologies for the remanufacture of high-quality toner cartridges, announced that it has been issued a patent for the Secondary Cleaning System technology (SCS). MSE introduced the SCS in 2010 for use in HP 4600/5500/4700 “Intelligently Re-engineered” color toner cartridges.

SCS immediately addressed many of the color quality issues that have plagued the industry, such as streaking, backgrounding and overall dirty prints, which results from toner additive buildup on the PCR (TAB). “This innovation was heralded as the very definition of intelligent Re-Engineering, as it was — and still is — the only instance of an aftermarket toner manufacturer developing a new critical cartridge component that was not present in the original,” said Luke Goldberg, senior vice president, MSE. Said Yoel Wazana, president, MSE: “The SCS was always designed with scalability in mind.

We are now using SCS in over 15 models. We have actually seen improvements in OEM print output when we install our SCS into original cartridges. The results are overall cleaner prints and less toner buildup on the PCR. We invested heavily into this development, and I personally oversaw the testing and approval of the SCS when we printed over 1 million test pages. As a matter of fact, my office was stacked to the ceiling with prints, and we saw clean prints page after page.” Added Jesus Gonzalez, research and development engineer, instrumental in the development: “We even developed and produced our own custom bracket to hold the PCR and SCS in place because we didn’t want any variable to hinder what we had accomplished.

At MSE, we have always prided ourselves on taking technological challenges head-on.” SCS, and the other technologies under MSE’s Advanced Color Technologies umbrella, were painstakingly developed to provide the truest alternative to OEM consumables, and to offer dealers a quality product to successfully capture the vast, $24-plus billion color opportunity.

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