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West Point Products ColorLogic Technology Sets New Standard for Color Printing

by Imaging Solution Bureau

West Point Products set a new industry standard for color quality and performance with its ColorLogic Technology. Over the last decade, West Point Products has built engineering, R&D and manufacturing facilities dedicated exclusively to the production of color cartridges, resulting in the most advanced color systems on the market.

“We continue to make significant investments in color technology and infrastructure to ensure we lead the industry in cutting-edge color performance and quality. ColorLogic Technology is the fruit of those efforts,” said Tom Day, CEO, West Point Products. Utilizing next generation technology and propriety robotics, West Point Products has developed an automated manufacturing environment complete with a centralized quality monitoring system.

It’s the state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing process, coupled with the use of high quality toner and components, that’s at the root of ColorLogic Technology. ColorLogic Technology cartridges are available through West Point Products. Products featuring ColorLogic Technology offer peak printing performance and consistent, vibrant color output. They are backed by a 100 percent quality guarantee, 100 percent IP-cleared, and dealers are fully indemnified against OEM litigation.

Tom Day goes on to state, “Our rigorous product testing protocols are a key component to this process and ensure that our ColorLogic Technology products perform as well as, or better than, the OEM equivalent. ColorLogic Technology marks the beginning of a new era in color cartridge technology.”

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