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My Journey with Dinglong Group: Mr Benjamin Young, Head Imaging Supplies

by Imaging Solution Bureau
Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young was one of three partners that started Speed Infotech 20 years ago. Today, as part of the Dinglong Group of companies, Young has been promoted as the Head of all imaging supplies for the whole group.

Companies within the Dinglong Group are celebrating key birthdays this year: Dinglong Chemical is 21, Speed and ReTech are both 20. What does this level of experience mean for buyers?

Our customers are the winners because having such industry experience means we have a deep understanding of how the industry ecosystem works and of the healthy growth trends. Having such in-depth insights allows us to create added value for our customers. It also means we can be innovative and it gives us the confidence to be truly cooperative. In fact, we can now take the position to advocate these qualities at an industry level, not just as a company.

Given well-known brands like Dinglong Chemical, Mito, Printwell, Chipjet, Speed and ReTech, why should buyers view the Dinglong Group as a one-stop-shop solution?

We can genuinely provide an experienced, one-stop-shop solution for reman, new build, for ink, for toner, and other imaging supplies.Dinglong uses its influence as a strength to put all the steps in place for a strong upstream supply chain to ensure consistent quality products to meet our customers’ needs. The most important is, we are the one-stop partner for all.

What did you achieve by taking team leaders from the various companies on a trek through the Gobi desert in 2021?

In no man’s land, the wind is all that you hear. The desert is all that you can see. It was an unforgettable opportunity to listen to your own heart and to your own soul. It has a profound impact upon you personally. It also develops a sense of “the team.” Only by being connected can you conquer 88km in 3 days by hiking in such a desolate place. The Gobi desert pushed us to go beyond our imagination to truly grasp the relationship between the individual and the team. We discovered the truth: “One can go fast, but the team can go further.” On this journey, the Dinglong Imaging and Printing business unit also examined its inner thoughts, and realized that the team and the customers are an integral part of “going further.”

Why have you been so publicly outspoken in warning Chinese manufacturers to stop the deadly price-wars?

Having a reasonable price constitutes a “crucial” part of product. But it is not the full picture. Other“crucial” parts include quality and service if you are to satisfy your customers. Low pricing with no limits will destroy the whole industry, not just one company.If you are forced to cut all your costs you cannot afford the bestraw materials and R&D support and you end up settling on an ordinary product with ordinary results.

Having reached key birthday milestones what new level of responsibility does it place on you for the future of this industry?

As I said, we can use this valuable experience to advocate for industry innovation and cooperation.
• Dinglong pours innovation into the development of key components such as toners, chips, and rollers;
• Dinglong encourages fair competition and discourages malicious monopoly;
• Dinglong adds value for its customers;
• Dinglong insists on being a pioneer!
We initiate innovation and a healthy competition has always been at the core of Dinglong and always will be

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