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Ninestar Introduces IE12 Technology in Color Printing

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Ninestar has officially announced the launch of new IE 12 technology, which ensures high quality and stability of color cartridges with 0 percent toner leakage. The official introduction of the technology states: “The upgraded industrial engineering 12 processing steps, based on Ninestar’s unique technology, have evolved from years of research and development.

The primary focuses of the New IE 12 are 0 percent toner leakage and close attention to detail. The results are improved print quality, higher performance reliability to achieve OEM level print experiences for our customers.” According to Ninestar, the upgraded technology includes incoming materials control, advanced R&D and strict manufacturing process.

The company has started R&D in the colored rollers in order to achieve the best match. For the workshop, it tries to retain the OEM to the maximum extent to ensure the print performance is best kept. Ninestar also introduced its scientific method during the manufacturing process. It emphasizes product lifecycle inspection with new different system and facilities.

During the quality inspection process, the trained technicians will manipulate 100 percent post printing test in different temperature and humid environment. For some HP series cartridges, the technicians will do Single-track and straight operation process to lower down wear and tear of conveying. Established as a leading player in mono cartridges, Ninestar is looking to bring the same success in the color area.

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