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Nubeprint named technology supplier to Cartridge World North America

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Nubeprint announces that its Zero Click MPS service has been selected as the preferred technology supplier to support Cartridge Word North America’s CW Print Manager™ franchisee program. Cartridge World North America has partnered with Nubeprint as the technology behind their recently launched CW Print Manager program. “We invested significant time and resources into finding the right technology partner for our MPS program,” said Mark Pinner, Chief Technical Officer.

“Our franchisees were asking for a solution and we found that Nubeprint had a unique product that fits well with our business model and target market. The accuracy, automation and the elimination of redundant alerts are just a couple of the unique features that will enable Cartridge World franchisees to provide first-class service to their customers by remotely monitoring printer supplies.

The deployment of CW Print Manager will help us move closer to a cost-per-page program in the future.” said Mark Pinner (Chief Technical Officer). Pinner added that Cartridge World sees the potential advantages of moving this program beyond the North Americas as Nubeprint has worldwide capabilities with a multitude of languages. “We are very excited by our partnership with Cartridge World because of our shared vision of how a franchisee can take such a tool and mold it to fit their particular needs in providing service. Franchisees are creative. They will take this technology and find new business opportunities, said Antonio Sanchez, CEO of Nubeprint.

Nubeprint is the leader in incorporating Artificial Intelligence to manage output devices. Nubeprint´s adoption of Yield and Lean management methodologies allows MPS players to provide service in a remote, proactive and automatic way, with the highest accuracy level in this Market. This accuracy leads to having a very tight control of the supplies process of when and what supplies and parts will be needed and for what device. This “control” results in an immediate positive impact on the profitability of the MPS provider. The ROI of moving to Nubeprint is achieved as quickly as the deployment is made, boosting the profit of existing MPS businesses.

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